How To Get Ready For Your First Sexual Experience

Many guys are clueless or too idealistic regarding their first sex experience. Although they may believe they know what to anticipate where to meet sluts, they are often in for a rude awakening due to their lack of background knowledge. This first-time sex advice when can help you feel more comfortable and confident about your impending sexual encounter.


Before your first sexual encounter, you must take some time to unwind. Do something that will help you relax, like taking a hot shower with fragrant shower gel or sipping a cup of tea.

No, it would help if you did not do this ritual on your wedding night simply because it is customary or expected. Weddings are notoriously taxing, leaving the happy couple feeling spent and drained. You shouldn’t go through with it if you’re both mentally and physically prepared.

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Reducing anticipation and sharing information:

Don’t assume that the first time you engage in sexual activity will be flawless and fantastic. Remember that this is your very first sex experience, so you and your partner will likely feel anxious and confused. Having open and honest conversations about how you feel is the key to having a positive experience.

It would help if you were patient and kind, but you also need to reassure her and put his mind at ease. Expect him to feel anxious and under pressure.

Make ready:

Don’t forget to bring some tissues, condoms (if you plan on using them), lubrication, and maybe even a hair band for your first time having sex. When you’re still feeling anxious about rising to your feet, it could help to have a shirt or robe nearby in case you need to cover yourself a little.

Kissing and making out:

Talk about your sexual fantasies before you have your first sex. Practice patience and politely request the same from your spouse.

Excite each other with touch, kissing, and other non-penetrating sexual acts. You’d be more able to “get in the mood” for whatever comes next, and your body would be better able to respond appropriately and lubricate itself in preparation.


Lubricants are useful to have on hand since they will likely be required. Use a reputable brand, especially water-based; the slipperier, the better. Don’t forget to keep using it as you go along in case you need to. When experiencing sex for the first time, a person may feel a wide range of feelings, from joy to excitement to uncertainty.